Toby’s Update – September/October 2019

Hello again! With thirty-seven days to go until I finish the next draft, I realized September came and went, without an update. Oh boy. Well, here is a quick one for you. A glimpse into my quest to finish this book.

Between this draft coming together and learning how to write, I have to tell you my respect for anyone who has published grows daily.

Ealisia Book 1 Work in Progress
Ealisia – A Novel in Progress

Where the book stands now

In this process I think I made some really fun choices in terms of point of view and character arcs that helped create good conflict and drive the plot forward. I think. You decide when you read the book.

With all these changes, I expect the word-count to hit 75K in this draft. Where my intention was to write a lean novella, having added point-of-view characters and their individual story arcs, really just takes so many more words. Worth the effort? For me, yes.

As I have hopped in and out of Ealisia for about five years now, I am surprised at how much world-building crafting this story entails. From the odd differences between two societies, to defining what technology becomes when you do not have metal, to how different magical beings wield their power and at what cost. All the while crafting distinct character voices, compelling arcs and believable action. I tell you, it is a task. Someone will have to check this whole thing for consistency.

I am just over two-thirds in, working to finalize this draft by November 1, to then revise and polish some sections as quite a bit is in second draft now. This makes counting drafts difficult, but the ninth iteration of this story will go the my amazing developmental editor.

What I intend to do next

Write. Every day. Until its done. Two years ago I started looking into all kinds of distractions, such as self-publishing and cover-art. Every time I had to remind myself that without a complete story – worth publishing – any effort put into that is wasted. So the job is simple. Write. That’s what I’ll do next.


Other things you might find interesting. Let’s see. Yes, the D&D game is still on. It is just so much fun to work with demons and villains I imagine for my books and then to bring them to life at a table with amazing players. The lesson is that storytelling at the D&D table is something very different from writing a book. It is a good way to train my creative muscle. So that’s what I will continue to do.

Well that’s it for now. There is really so much more I want to say, but I’ll save that for the next update. Short but relevant, I hope!

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