Monkey Mayhem

Many faerietales are told in Ealisia. Most bards shy away from such tales as legends and songs reap more coin. Some will take the time to entertain young and old with fantastic feats, most likely of the imagination. Most likely, but not certainly.

Teb swipes at the berries, dangling from the bouncing branch beneath the chattering apes. They laugh as it leaps, pull the treats from its reach. One fat foe, holds a berry up for show. Teb springs and snaps, gets smacks and falls, back on the ground where it rolls. 

It runs around, chasing its own tail, and for such a show, the apes do not bail. 

“Litter needs food,” Teb says with a smile. Then they just stare up and down for a while.

An ape points and grins, as another one sings: “Dig, don’t pick, the trees are ours. You, stay beneath the flowers.” 

Teb kicks up the mud, but just as it jumps, the branch is pulled up. The apes laugh and crow, and, head hanging low, Teb creeps away. 

Hidden it stares, at the berries, big like the cherries, that hang high in other trees. Why don’t apes covet these? 

A tremor tells Teb a leopard is near. This is the one any beast should fear. It looks left, then right, but such cats can hide well in plain sight. 

Up on on their vines, the apes seem just fine. Teb must have those treats, or he will not eat. But besting a leopard is a whole other feat. No I wait, and Teb scurries away, letting those oblivious apes play. 

Through the leaves it sees the leopard tiptoe closer with ease. 

Twigs scratch and branches sway, as the predator pounces, chasing the apes away. They flee back up the trees, to disappear, screaming in fear.

The leopard looks but does not see, Teb sit and wait, filled with glee. A grab and run, tumble and turn, Teb has its prize, and can feed its bern.

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