Flash! – Edition 01

Flash! is new section to my updates. When I can, I will write a piece of fiction of up to 500 words, and share it here, for your entertainment. You can follow @tgellis_ealisia for more spur of the moment updates.


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#flashfiction A 350 word story for you. Myret leaps from the Endless Cliffs, realising all too well that his wings are still strapped to his body, as he bleeds from the gash in his side. The rush of the cool air against his face would be comforting, were he not plummeting to his death. The fiend that assails him is not far behind, so he must break free quickly, or be caught. Ghyr are the worst fiends; ferocious vultures, and Myret is wounded. Lucky him. Myret can turn stone to dust with a thought, yet struggles against the arcane bonds, charring both flesh and feather. He looks over his shoulder at the winged shade swooping down at him. Dispelling the magic that binds him, means dispelling the magic held in his armor and weapons. He’ll be defenseless, which is still better than dead. Right? He’s now fallen so far along the Cliffs, where sunlight doesn’t reach. Not much time left. He whispers the words that dispel magic, and his wings spread wide, catching the wind, jerking him from a free-fall into a glide, and with three powerful strokes of his mighty wings, he takes flight. The ghyr screeches behind him. Time to call its bluff. Myret makes a sharp turn upwards, his gut lurching from the sudden motion, and rises up, straight at the ghyr. The fiend still dives, but its grey eyes go wide, before it frantically flaps its wings, trying to stop its descent. Ferocious, not smart. Myret roars, and draws his curved sword, just as he breaches the border between light and shadow. The divine steel glimmers in the sun, and he readies it to strike. The ghyr screeches and breaks left, choosing to flee. Myret gives it chase, but not for long. He will have to return with a hunting party. Fiends cannot be left to roam these lands freely. Satisfied, he crests the top of the Endless Cliffs, and strikes down, in a spray of dirt and grass, glaring at the distant ghyr. Tomorrow, his hunt begins. _______________________________ #writinginspiration #writingtips #writingsociety #writingislife #fantasybook #amreading #amreadingfantasy #reading #weekendreads

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