3 more lessons on writing Flash Fiction…

Trust your imagination and write as if no one will read it. If anything, this is what you as a writer can give yourself: the gift of free expression. Just do the work, everything else builds on that. Here’s what I learnt in fourteen days of writing flash fiction.

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One in five is a good ratio. You need to write a lot to write a little bit that is good.

Ideas flourish while writing, so just get started. Remember, it’s the work that matters.

Jot down flashes of ideas, always! Nothing is more frustrating than remembering you had a good idea, rather than the idea itself.

Today’s work

I’m going to leave you with the first sentence, because I feel I need to polish this piece. It’s that good and I want to publish it when it is written up well enough for you to really enjoy it.

It was one of those rare occasions that the first pancakes I made were the best in the bunch and I should have realised that was a bad omen for the rest of the day.

Yet to be finished short story by T.G. Ellis

One thought on “3 more lessons on writing Flash Fiction…

  1. Writing more to get the occasional gems is such a good tip. And ideas flourishing while writing is gold too. Oftentimes, I find myself getting more ideas when I actually get in motion. All the ruminating and imagining doesn’t move my plot forward at all—writing does. Thanks for sharing!


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