What is the story in the Might & Mercy podcast?


We’re getting closer to the release of season 1 of the Might & Mercy podcast. If you’re curious about this game world and the starting point of this story, then read on!

This and next week, we play the final preparation games, before kicking off the campaign and recordings for you to enjoy. So keep an eye out here, or on the @TGEllis YouTube, for the launch of the series!

If anything, it great fun to see 18 months of preparation during some of the sparse free time I have, deliver such a great result. Hope you will enjoy it too.

Where ever you are, fellow storyteller, keep on telling stories, your way.

T.G. Ellis


This is a world of magic. 

In the Rishoan Empire, a giant rules from the Craven Throne. This empire has known peace and prosperity ever since the Ravenous Beast was repelled in the Battle of A Thousand Widows. 

Yet where light rules, a shadow always lingers and rumours of a dragon army on the rim of the empire swell.

As vile and virtuous powers are about to upend their world, the lives of a farmer, a wanderer, a merchant and a knight collide when their life’s regrets return to haunt them.  

A quest for redemption leads our would-be heroes down a path that would spell certain death for most— but they are not most people. 

Threats to the empire mount and four strangers are forced to face the consequences of their past failures in order to stave off the cataclysmic events that would herald a new age. 

This is the world of Might and Mercy.

Want to know more? Watch the new trailer and learn more about the backdrop against which this story is set.

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