When Trouble finds you… Might & Mercy Episode 1 is live!

Wow, we did it! After dreaming about creating an actual play podcast for five years, preparing for it for nearly two, playing out the backstory for the last eight months — and having to change systems at the start of this year — we finally sat down, played and recorded the first episode of the opening adventure, which should be about 3 sessions long.

I know what you’re thinking…

So, Toby, what did you learn about storytelling?

Here’s the top three. Good storytelling principles bolster the story. Collaborative storytelling requires trust. Good storytelling takes time.

Creating a story with a roleplaying system, players/role players means you must let go of the plot, because dice and agency will steer the story in any direction.

If we go by word count, I’ve written a couple of short stories, maybe even a novel. I feel that by practicing my writing craft, my ability to set the scene, create a world for the players to explore, set up interesting beats and twists for their character arcs have improved over time.

Anyway, take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think, on any of the channels where you can reach us.

Listen to it on YouTube

Here it is on Anchor


Might & Mercy – S1E1 – When Trouble finds you…

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