What is Might & Mercy anyway?

TL;DR: we’ve recorded a 13th Age adventure for you to enjoy. If you’re looking for a fresh story in actual play, listen here.

Hello fellow RPG and D&D enthusiasts!

In a Land where Icons rule vast empires built on  magic and conquest, only the most powerful creatures remember the secrets buried in the Underworld.

Just as fate reunites friends who have fallen out of touch, a madman unleashes a terror on the Land unseen since the final days of the last age.

As the friends struggle to pay their taxes and come to terms with their troubled histories, the Land beneath their feet shatters, and lets darkness creep into their world.

If they fail to stop these vile forces, their homes, families and friends might perish.

Want to know how this story ends? Listen to the Might & Mercy Podcast here.

What is Might & Mercy? 

We want to share an epic story with fellow tabletop players and enthusiasts! 

Our challenge for us is to craft an original, quality story while balancing family time and demanding careers. 

We chose the 13th Age system as it offers great storytelling tools, solid world building and flavourful character options. It’s really a homebrew campaign captured for you to enjoy. 

You can listen to it on any podcast service or on YouTube.

Who created this?

Toby is the Game Master, and Matt, Chris, Phalene and Yehuda are the players. 

How can you help us?

We’d love to get over 100 listens per episode. If what we’ve created brings you joy, please listen to episodes, leave a comment and like. That will help us a lot.

Episodes for this adventure

E1: When Trouble finds you

E2: Brawls and Breakfast Bowls

E3: Family Ties

E4: Brotherly love…

If you are entirely up to date, then just hop into S1E4 right here:

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