Toby’s Update – September/October 2019

With thirty-seven days to go until I finish the next draft...

Toby’s Update – August 2019

Where does the time go? I am not sure. But it sure is passing quickly.

Toby’s Update – March 2019

It has been a productive month! The word count on the rewrite grows, steadily. Sure, at least one-third of what I have written will be cut when I piece it all together for the fourth draft. Honestly, it is sprawling now. All in good fun. Three parts to this update. Ealisia, of course. Dungeons and … Continue reading Toby’s Update – March 2019

Toby’s Update – February 2019 – What a start!

There is no point in sitting around, waiting for inspiration. Inspiration comes from hard work. Just sit down, and do the work. Write now. Edit later.