This is the full diary the party discovers in the catacombs beneath Goldmeadows in Might & Mercy, S1E5.

First entry – about ten years ago.

I dreamt of a storm, terrifying and beautiful. I was afraid, and shook in terror, yet something within the storm awed me, and I fell to my knees. It must have been the Dawnsinger’s song that brought me home safe.

Another dream, I woke in sweat and tears. Shadows, fire and ashes. Illegible whispered to me, to soothe me, but it’s voice was strange, foul.  What I saw was no dream. I am scared. May the Dawnsinger, save me from these nightmares.

Illegible continues to speak with me in my dreams. It shows me things, terrible things. Scenes of death, of ruin, and claims the Dawnsinger is to blame. I cannot believe it.

About six years ago

Dehloa, love of my life, has fallen ill. Her fever is so bad, her back cramps up, and I fear it will snap. The healer’s potions are useless, and all she does is pray to the Dawnsinger. And Nesha, my child, I fear for her also. What if the fever is contagious?

Dehloa has suffered for a week. She barely drinks, doesn’t eat. I cannot let Nesha see her. Illegible told me of a cure, an ancient remedy, but it whispers that the Dawnsiger won’t allow it. When I took it to the healer, she chastised me. Vile, she called it! She said I must stay in the light. Righteous bitch. Illegible says there is a way. Can I trust it?

The worst has happened. Nesha has fallen ill also. My heart breaks, for nobody can cure them. Lisanne, the healer’s daughter, was kind. She brought a broth that soothed Nesha. Even Dehloa ate some and got some colour on her cheeks. I can only hope…

She is dead. My love. My world. Why? WHY?

Illegible showed me Dehloa in my dreams. She toils under the storm, for a bull with a whip. She is being punished Illegible says, but it can help me set Dehloa free. Illegible says Nesha will suffer the same fate. I cannot allow it. I will not allow it.

I must dig. In my dreams I saw a city fall from the sky. I saw it ruin the lands and cover them in ash and stone, until all was green, golden and peaceful again. It hides a treasure, the key to saving Dehloa and Nesha. My hearts, I will find you both. Illegible helps me. I am coming, my loves.

About five years ago

I barely sleep. Graddus and Druggan are asking questions. Druggan should mind his own business, I cannot have the guards sniffing around my tunnels. If he comes closer, he must die. Illegible says I must capture him, that I can use him.

I did it. We did it, I should say. But the old woman was not willing, not able to see the glory I wreathed her with. I must remember that in the future, all vessels must be willing, committed. But it worked, for a moment. There stood Illegible, before my very eyes. I saw truth in shadow and blood. 

Yes, my love, I am close. I will set you free.

About four years ago.

I dreamt of the storm again. It beckoned me. Illegible that I must travel, south, beyond the Shadowlands, to the land that is sundered, and I must descend. Illegible will guide me. I must go.

(Harald will recall Morrus disappeared from more than a year, and returned looking more absent minded, dishevelled, but with zealousness to his actions around town)

I have learnt things, seen things, experienced things that would shatter the minds of lesser men! Illegible aids me, and I am grateful. We will save Dehloa and Nesha. I will call them forth, and show this world the true nature of our Icons. I know the truth. I will bring the truth to the world!

Illegible has told me what to seek beneath the earth, but I cannot find it. I need more hands, to dig, to search. Illegible says it will help, told me to talk with Argus at the Cracked Skull. Doesn’t surprise me.

About two years ago

There are others! Right here in Goldmeadows, but also far beyond. We are everywhere. Illegible has given us a sign, so we can find each other. Dehloa has been gone for four summers, and I’ve been so alone. 

Nobody knows that I took Druggan. That old fool. He squealed when we tied him to the circle, and squeezed when he was bled. Finally, I saw Illegible in the flesh! Let that ambitious twat Leodor search and sniff all she wants. As far as she knows, Druggan just packed up and left for Ramstown. Nobody will ever know.

Within the last year…

We must dig deeper. There is a place, Illegible says. A temple where we will not be disturbed, a forgotten holy place that can be turned against its makers. It is perfect. I will find it. I must find it.

The ink is still wet on this one…

Their names! Illegible has told me their names. The others will be pleased. They do not understand, but I do. Their sacrifice will be honoured. I will make sure of that. I will make sure they are willing. Tonight, it all begins.

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