WriteClub is for Writers.

WriteClub trains aspiring storytellers — writers, poets, moviemakers, podcasters, game masters, speakers, teachers — to Tell Better Stories.

It’s simple, just follow the guiding principle:

If you don’t write it, it can’t be read.

T.G. Ellis

1. Don’t write about WriteClub

This is the First Rule of WriteClub. Write about anything but WriteClub. We’ll write about WriteClub.

You: Tell your story.

Then, tell it better.

2. Watch a video? Write a story.

This is the Second Rule of WriteClub. Better get your pen out, or your keyboard, or your phone. Why?

When you get to the end of a blog, a video, a podcast: you write. Why on earth would you join WriteClub if you’re not here to WRITE!

Otherwise, get lost. WriteClub is for Writers.

3. Challenge your peers to write in WriteClub

This is the Third Rule of WriteClub. We cheer each other on.

There are enough haters already. Be a multiplier.

WriteClub is a safe space for any storyteller who is serious about improving their storytelling skills.

How you can participate in the WriteClub community?

Engage! Leave a comment under our blogs and videos. Encourage the community. Be a decent human being. We’ll bring the attitude, you bring the positive vibes. Got it?

Link to your page. Share with the community.

We support each other. Feedback is given with the intention to help you improve your skill. Does that make you uncomfortable? Good.

Don‘t be rude. Don’t be profane. Don’t be a jerk.

Give feedback that is concrete, specific and helpful. Watch this video if you don’t know how to do that. We all had to learn at some point.

<note to self: paste feedback video here when its done>

That’s right: feedback. Create. Share. Improve. Repeat.

In WriteClub, we improve by doing. When we ask you:


All over the world, a legion of keyboards start clacking, tips scratch paper, cameras start rolling and microphones start recording. Because that’s how we tell our stories.

Maybe WriteClub is not for you.

We’re fine with that. You should be to.

Now sit down and write a damn story.