Toby’s update – December 2018

It is December 1st and the first thing I did this morning was read the 2nd draft what will hopefully be the first story I put into publication in 2019. Finishing it was a challenge. I can honestly say that persistence and consistency were instrumental. Some days you just have to sit and write.

A new experience for me was to pay people to read the first chapters! What I enjoyed most about their responses was the good balance between encouragement and improvement. At this stage, that’s exactly what I need to press on. 

Family and friends are now alpha reading the second draft and the thought that at least five people are reading a story I wrote is already worth the effort. To be honest, I do think this version still has at least two drafts to go before I would say the story actually works. Don’t tell the alpha readers…

What else? Many things. I’ve commissioned some concept art about the characters from the first book set in the world of Ealisia which is now in its second draft (!). Yikes! You can find some of it on my Instragram. Thanks to Nizar86 and Allentotingski. is set up for now. It is more a hub for my own peace of mind than anything else. Given that, I am glad it is up and running and the look and feel is what I am after for now. A great place for me to just ramble, park ideas and share thoughts as I go through my creative process. 

Thanks for reading this update! Keep an eye out for my January update, which will I’ll post during the first weekend of 2019! In the meantime, I’ll be editing and writing more stories for you to enjoy. At some point. In the not too distant future.


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