Brawls and Breakfast Bowls – Might & Mercy episode 2

Shortly after being told he owes the Bonebreaker more taxes than he can pay, the farmer Harald Greenhaven met a ghost from the past. 

At the same time, Cybele and Topuc, two friends who haven’t seen each other for nearly a year, bumped into each other in Goldmeadows, where Cybele arrived in search of the mother of her friend, and where Topuc has come to earn some coin by telling stories at the Titan’s Tithe Fair. 

Also, Trabiël, a knight from the empire, arrived in Goldmeadows in search of a story. Instead, he found someone he thought he would never see again….

What a week it’s been! The game night was fun, and the story progressed as the would-be heroes forayed into the adventure, some hesitant, others headfirst. Curious to find out where this goes? Take a listen below.

Listen on YouTube

Or listen on any podcast of your choice…—13th-Age—Might–Mercy—S1E1—When-Trouble-finds-you-e1vrf3k

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